Revamping Fasetech's Online Presence: Unleashing Solar Power with a Seamless Website

Fasetech website screenshot on mobile and desktop

From Frustration to Functionality

I am thrilled to share my recent collaboration with Fasetech, a visionary company specializing in solar panels for consumers. Fasetech approached me with a common predicament— their existing website, built using Oxygen builder, was plagued with bugs and lacked proper functionality. It was clear that a transformative change was needed. With their trust in my expertise, I set out on a mission to rebuild their website from scratch using Elementor, a site builder that promised a smoother and more reliable experience.

Enhancing Fasetech’s Design

Fasetech expressed their desire to retain elements of their old website design, which resonated well with their audience. Leveraging the flexibility of Elementor, I skillfully recreated their familiar design while making subtle enhancements to improve user experience and aesthetic appeal. By combining the best of both worlds— familiarity and innovation— Fasetech’s new website captures attention, builds trust, and ensures a seamless journey for their customers.

Embracing Performance and Functionality

As part of the project, I advised Fasetech to transition from Oxygen builder to Elementor, which offered superior performance and reliability. Although initially hesitant, Fasetech understood the importance of a stable website ecosystem and trusted my recommendation. However, due to their existing WordPress infrastructure, we decided to continue using WordPress as the CMS platform, carefully optimizing it to mitigate potential performance issues caused by plugins.

Streamlining E-commerce

Given Fasetech’s business model of selling solar panels directly to consumers, it was imperative to implement a robust e-commerce system. Seamlessly integrating their existing e-commerce system, Woocommerce, into the new website structure became a top priority. By meticulously configuring Woocommerce and leveraging Elementor’s capabilities, I created a user-friendly and secure platform for customers to browse, select, and purchase solar panels effortlessly.

Empowering fasetech to shine

Throughout the development process, I maintained a personal connection with Fasetech, aligning their goals and aspirations with the website’s design and functionality. By truly understanding their vision, target audience, and unique value proposition, I crafted an online experience that embodies Fasetech’s commitment to sustainability and clean energy. The result is a website that empowers Fasetech to shine, attracting and engaging consumers who are eager to embrace solar power.

Illuminating the Future

The collaboration with Fasetech has been an exhilarating journey of transforming challenges into opportunities. By transitioning from Oxygen builder to Elementor, we have unlocked new possibilities and laid a solid foundation for Fasetech’s digital success. The seamless integration of Woocommerce ensures that their e-commerce capabilities are optimized, enabling customers to embark on their solar power journey effortlessly. I am honored to have played a role in reshaping Fasetech’s online presence, driving sustainable change, and inspiring a brighter future.


Building Fasetech’s website using Elementor has been a testament to my commitment to delivering personalized, efficient, and impactful solutions for my clients. The project stands as a shining example of how collaboration and strategic decision-making can transform a company’s online presence. I am excited to witness Fasetech’s continued growth and to embark on further ventures that shape the future of clean energy and sustainability.

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